Florida FR-44 Filing

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Florida, chances are you’re going to have to get an FR44 Insurance policy.

Similar to the more conventional SR22 Insurance, FR44 Insurance is a three-year DUI and DWI insurance coverage meant to address a higher liability limit as mandated by Florida legislature. Typical coverage’s are:

  • Bodily injury liability / each person: $100,000
  • Bodily injury liability / each accident: $300,000
  • Property Damage: $50,000

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About FR-44

A Driver convicted of DUI is required to file a Florida FR44. The Florida FR44 insurance filing with higher liability limits is now used for these drivers. Policies and procedures for submitting both of these documents for proof of insurance is essentially the same. 100/300/50 is the minimum limits required for Florida DUI insurance which is ten times the standard base amount of 10/20/10. Policyholders in this predicament should learn all about Florida FR-44 basic information:

  • An FR-44 form indicating proof of required liability is necessary to reinstate a license after a DUI conviction. The necessary coverage is bodily Injury Liability in the amounts of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident and $50,000 of Property Damage Liability. A single combined limit of $300,000 will also be sufficient.
  • The cost of the FR-44 itself is just $15.00. Higher limits, points, and rate tier assessment for the DUI driver are the factors that drive up the cost. The tier or category the insurance company places risks with a DUI is most often the worst one with the highest overall rates. Drivers with multiple DUI convictions may not be able to purchase insurance through a private company. For these drivers the Florida Auto Joint Underwriting Association or FAJUA is a place to secure insurance as a last resort. Unfortunately for people in this position the insurance will be very expensive.
  • The liability limits required to satisfy the FR44 are 10 times the amount Florida considers other drivers as being financially responsible (10/20/10). Florida and Virginia are the only two states that currently utilize the FR-44 form. Prior to October 2007 the SR-22 with the lower liability limits of 10/20/10 was mandated for DUI drivers. All policies will include the mandatory Florida No Fault PIP PD insurance.
  • The Bureau of Financial Responsibility monitors the SR 22 and FR 44 certificates. Failure to keep up with the insurance policy at anytime during the compliance period will result in license suspension. All financial responsibility forms are filed by insurance companies electronically. The case number assigned and found on the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) indicates which type of certificate is required.
  • Besides any required coverages there are a variety of options and discounts to look for when considering a policy. Naturally, whenever coverage is reduced or deductibles raised the premium rate is lower. Each policyholder must decide on the right type of protection at a price that’s affordable for them. Keep in mind that some of the required  PIP coverage has options too.
  • Lots of people learn about their insurance policy only after an accident or mishap occurs. It’s a lot less stressful and easy to consider and purchase the tight type of coverage before an accident happens. Many SR 22 insurance filings are because drivers have an at fault accident without a policy that includes Bodily Injury Liability. When shopping for Florida quotes consider all options and compare prices for the same coverages between different companies.

Life is full of challenges and unexpected obstacles.  A DUI on your MVR is a big one. License suspension, fines and fees, school and counseling, and social stigma takes its toll.  The “stakes” are raised for your car insurance.  Increased coverage is mandated.  Florida form FR44 filing is required.

Florida FR44 requirements
The FR44 form (certificate) with its increased liability insurance requirement replaced the SR22 certificate (DUI cases only) February 1, 2008.  For Florida drivers not convicted of DUI the state considers a policyholder who maintains auto insurance liability of 10/20/10 as being financially responsible.  The state requires proof of 100/300/50 liability limits, via the FR44 filing, to reinstate and maintain the operators license of drivers with a DUI.

FR-44 insurance cost
The filing fee for the “Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44” is 15.00 dollars.  Not too bad, however, the other additional insurance costs related to the DUI can be quite severe.  Increased coverage, point surcharge, and rate tier assessment combine to raise policy premium (price) for DUI drivers.

FR44 form contains
Insured person information required is name, address, driver license number, and birth date. Insured company information required is name, NAIC code, policy number, FR44 case number, certification effective date. Additional information indicates which of two types of policies selected.  An owner’s policy with year, make model and VIN of all vehicles registered and insured.  Or an operator’s policy applicable to any vehicle not registered or titled to the listed person.  Authorized representative signature and date prepared completes form FR44.

FR44 filing
The completed form is filed (submitted) to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility. Mailing address Division of Driver Licenses, Bureau of Financial Responsibility, 2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS98, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0585.  Buying a policy from a company that files FR44 form in “real time” will expedite license reinstatement.

Miscellaneous FR44 information
Compliance period is for three years.  There are no driving restrictions associated with the FR44 filing.  Florida and Virginia are currently the only states that utilize the FR44 form.  Non compliance results in license and vehicle registration suspension.  Companies are required to notify DHSMV if an FR44 insurance policy is canceled, terminated, or lapses for any reason. Applicable Florida statute is 324.023.  FR44 filing must be on a Florida auto insurance policy.  There can not be more than one FR44 or an FR44 and SR22 on the same driver.

Anyone can easily make a mistake and receive a Florida DUI.  Very little alcohol can breach the threshold for conviction.  At Florida Auto Plus Insurance we make every effort to serve you with dedication, honesty, and integrity.  This is what you deserve.  Our commitment begins the moment we start your quote for FR44 auto insurance. It continues throughout the life of your policy.  In all of our actions, we strive for you to experience trust, compassion and care.  We hold ourselves and the companies we represent to the highest possible standard.

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